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Links auto-highlighting green after being saved into Evernote

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This happens exclusively with photo links, but it doesn't occur all the time. 

I copy a Web photo address and paste it into a note containing other pasted photo links. Sometimes the link hyperlinks automatically and turns blue, but most of the time, I have to click the space bar to make the address hyperlink. But, in a lot of cases, after I hit the space bar, the link becomes highlighted in green. If I click the space bar again or mouse-click the link, it will delete, so i have to mouse-click in an empty space away from the link for the highlighting to disappear and for the link to hyperlink. This started happening 1-2 years ago.

What causes this, and is there a way to avoid it?  

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Hi.  When you say 'highlighted in green' do you mean it's a green hyperlink or that it looks like this:  @gazumped?

Either way I've not,  and never have, had the same issue,  though typing a link,  then having to space away to have it recognized as an actual link happens to me a fair amount - most often in Excel at the moment.  That must be a Windows thing.

I googled link colours and came up with a LOT of hits including this -


Okay this is kinda awesome.

  1. If you go to Personalization then click on colors and then go down to High  contrast settings it said Hyperlinks in bright yellow.
  2. Now it is Blue! How did this happen?
  3. I reread your post and decided to try some more themes as you suggested.
  4. This time I went to Themes under Personalization and clicked on Theme settings I selected Windows 10 under Windows Default Themes.
  5. I have a blue hyperlink. I tested it in other programs like Java-Eclipse and all the hyperlinks are blue.
  6. Woohoo! Thank you!

If you try with your device type / OS you may find some answers...

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Hi, thanks for responding. The green highlighting looks like your second, @gazumped example. I'm not talking about the text color, which always turns from black to blue once a link becomes a hyperlink. It sure is screwy because I never do any highlighting in Evernote, and it started happening by itself but not consistently. While it's not something that seriously affects my experience with this app, any extra click reduces the smooth flow and efficiency of working with it.    

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