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So i cannot reach my notes on Android anymore...i had to factory reset it because of a not related technical issue and now after reinstall and relogg none of my notes show up, its empty. When I log in on Chrome on the desktop i can see them, on opera none... But I need them on my phone...i am afraid to do anything because it might sync the wrong version...what to do? 

Update: I now no longer can access my notes on Chrome as well -,-

I even upgrade to premium now but i still cant create a ticket, everything is still grey...this is getting absurd

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. With regard to notes missing on the phone, two thoughts come to mind. (1) It can take awhile for a reinstallation of Evernote to download the information necessary. (2) But I assume you waited a reasonable amount of time and still nothing came through. The more likely possibility is that you accidentally created a new account by logging in using a different email address and/or password; the new account would of course be empty. This is surprisingly easy to do, and problems like this often appear in these forums. The fact that the notes are not visible on Opera or Chrome either makes me hesitate about this. But do check that you are logging in with the correct credentials used to create your Evernote account.

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5 minutes ago, Estefano Povedilla said:

There is no backup in Evernote?

Evernote data is uploaded to the servers where it is backed up   
More info at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858-How-to-use-note-history-to-view-older-versions-of-a-note

The Mac/Windows platforms have an export feature that can be used for backups

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It is the wrong sequence of thinking to ask about a backup of EN. The master data set is always the data on the EN server (which in fact is hosted on the server structure of Google, probably among the most secure servers in the world). The mobile clients always draw their data from the central server, as does the web client.

PC and Mac Clients have their own data base, but this is a duplicate of the master data on the server. The only exception are local notebooks on the desktop clients - these exist only on the Pc/Mac where they are installed. So one needs to take care of backing these up because EN will not do.

For all others, although there is a complete backup one can run his own backup by exporting from one of the desktop clients to ENEX-files.

In the initial posting of this thread, nothing could get lost because the copy on a smartphone is always only temporary. And if the data seems „lost“ there usually was a mistake entered in the user name when logging in, creating a new account instead of logging into the existing one.

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