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What methods do you use to auto capitalize words?

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Hi everyone, I am a new premiun user and i will use evernote to take notes of my university, now I am transferring my real notes to evernote, but I find a big problem to me, When I write a new sentence or failing it after a point, the words do not start in capital letters automatically, this is very disappointing since it is a basic function and an essential help when writing, well, I want to know how other users evernote do to deal with this, or if there is an option that I have not seen, either in the evernote app or in the configuration of win 10, I hope you find some solution that does not involve installing other applications. Thanks for reading and a lot of strength to everyone in these times. 


Sorry, I used Translate hahahha

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Hi. Sorry but what you type in Evernote is what you get. There's no automatic formatting - though that may be available as an add-on through third-party grammar and spell-check apps like Grammarly.

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I used to use Microsoft Word for this purpose, it will automatically capitalize the start of a new sentence, or the beginning of a bullet point. If I remember correctly, you should be able to copy what you have written in Word, and paste it into Evernote, and it will keep the capitalization. 

Although Microsoft Word is a different application, it may be something you use already. If you don't use it now, there's a good chance your school provides free downloads of Office 365. Or, you could use Google docs, which also auto-capitalizes, and it isn't really an application. 

Good luck! Let me know if what I wrote didn't make sense.

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