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Organise notes into notebooks quickly for free

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Instead of using search or eyeballing the long list of notebooks in the notebook list. Many looking at physical keyboard keys, typing keyboard shortcuts, typing keywords, thinking many times, eyeballing many times, etc 

Most people focus on 5 to 10 notebooks at one point in their life or work. 

In notebook "unsorted" of your notes holding bin, create e.g. 5 notes titled e.g. "- XYZ" beginning with the - symbol key so when you sort the "unsorted" notebook all notes beginning with " - " will be sorted to the top. 

Then you can simply merge all your individual unsorted notes into one note, use your mouse pointer movement + cut + paste to sort your notes from the merged raw note into the the other notebooks temp holding bin notes titled "- XYZ" etc

Then cut the content from temporary note "- XYZ" to the notebooks, but don't delete the note " - XYZ "

What are the pros and cons?





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1 hour ago, jianfa.tsai said:

What are the pros and cons?

con; a complex process that I find hard to understand

I'm a tag user, but also have "eyeballing the long list"   
My solution is a Mac Applescript which identifies the note type, and presents a filtered list of tags    
Also, instead of an alphabetic list, the tag list is presented in a drill down format   
Example: a receipt note requires a vendor tag and a budget-type tag

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18 hours ago, jianfa.tsai said:

What are the pros and cons?

All con best I can tell if one uses the Inbox concept.  If your default notebook is Inbox and any "un-filed" notes are there it's just not that big a deal to process from there.  Or am I missing something.

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