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Very annoying issue with "Simplify formatting" - any suggestions?

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I use EN desktop (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) on Windows 10. It's been a while (perhaps several months) that I've noticed a strange behaviour when I try to "simplify formatting" a note that I've clipped using the Web Clipper on Chrome or Firefox: if the note has any image (even a thumbnail image of the author's picture) the image overtakes the whole note, i.e. it is enlarged on top of the text! I've also noticed that it doesn't happen to all articles I clip (it seems random).

Here's what I mean. The first image is from the article as clipped via Web Clipper on Chrome. The second is the same article when I select Simplify formatting. It completely messes up the note! I can't see or find the text anymore.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks so much!!




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Hi. When you clip a web page you'll get (something like) a snapshot of the page as displayed online.  That includes all the fancy coding tricks that the author used to make it look pretty,  which get translated by Evernote into something that works on within a note.  When you simplify or remove formatting,  you're letting the dogs loose - whatever kept the image in check is removed,  and it sprawls across the page in whatever format it was saved initially.  You may be able to constrain the image(s) by inserting a table in the page,  or if you need simple text it may be better to create a new note and copy your clips across into the new note as plain text,  adding the images separately in a table.  Screen shots also work...

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Thanks for the reply and explanation. I usually want to keep the images that's why I don't do plain text copy/paste. The Web Clipper is supposed to be saving me from all the fuss of copying and pasting the various components, but sometimes what it clips has weird formatting and I want to simplify it, which then doesn't work because of the image sprawling...

What do you mean by screenshots? Of the whole page? It wouldn't be searchable by EN in that case (I'm a Plus user)...

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14 hours ago, Maria Sp. said:

What do you mean by screenshots? Of the whole page?

There are multiple options to choose part or all of a page in Clipper,  and also in Windows highlight / copy / paste. Evernote has its own version - see Tools > Options > Shortcut keys to find (or alter) the combinations for capture screen and copy selection.  Whatever the operation or the result (as long as it's JPG or PNG) Evernote will also OCR the image so that it will be searchable.  It's important to be flexible when copying page content - I've printed to PDF, selected page 'print me' options to get a cleaner layout, copy and pasted to Word (or any word processor) to get to plain text,  'shared' copies of the page to myself... sometimes it's as though page authors don't want to you have access to their content... but there's usually a way. <evil grin> 🙂

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59 minutes ago, Maria Sp. said:

Plus won't search in images

Ah.  Had forgotten / didn't realize;  sorry.  Could you use a screenshot at the top of the note and dump the text (minus images) at the bottom to feed the search index?

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One other thought: the beta version of the Web client (https://www.evernote.com/client/web) often does a better job with editing material from the Web than the Windows program does just now. Clipped items, I find, often show up in the Web beta inside a box that says "HTML content," and are not editable in that box. However, I can usually click on the top bar of the box and a "magic wand" icon shows up, and clicking that makes the text editable. If that doesn't work, the material can be copied in the box and pasted in a blank area elsewhere in the note. Then, as I say, editing may go better than in the Windows app. Not sure how well this will do for images, though.

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