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I created a lot of tags and wanted to change the color and shape of the font.When I reached a certain number of fonts and color tags changed, the program stopped synchronizing.
Is there a limitation or something that I did not understand.I’m looking for an answer for about a month and did not find anything useful.How can i solve this problem?


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Hi. I wasn't aware of any limit (other than for total tags,  which -I believe- is 100,000) but 256 seems like a suspiciously appropriate number.  You could consider upgrading (even if only for a month or so) to get access to Support,  or have a look at the Evernote community group on Facebook or @EvernoteHelps on Twitter.  None of them guarantee a quick response, but you might get some feedback there.  Meantime you might want to lose some of the styles to try to get back to syncing...?

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

Hi. I wasn't aware of any limit

Some preferences (particularly the windows-only ones like remember per folder sort order, colors) are stored in a user area - that only has a limited number of slots. So if you try to do a lot of folder customizing, it's not going to work well. Shortcuts are also stored in this area. (I forget if it's one slot per shortcut or one slot for all of them - I can't check the code anymore!)

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