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Evernote on Android: Sans Print Function

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Most of my mobile apps can print, Blue Mail, Acrobat, anything with Google Drive and even print directly from my Memorize note taking app.. However the Evernote share function is only to send to another user or group within Evernote. I do a tremendous amount of my business printing directly from a mobile device, and web version is cumbersome to log into via mobile browser and this is Evernote's response to an Android browser (see image below). Not always at the office to print, less than 5% of my time. It's pretty clear after this many years they only develop these functions for IOS. 


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With iOS the print option is behind the „share“ function. Then „additional sharing options“ (the last one in the first menu) will open a submenu. Again the last option „share outside of EN“ will open the OS-side options. And there is the print-button. Maybe it is similar with Android.

It‘s a long way to Tipperary !

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Sorry, didn't see on my phone that I was posting in an old app's issues.  That said, it hasn't been fixed in newer versions, and this thread is one of the two dead ends searching in the forums points you towards.  Maybe they could just implement Android's "share" capability like almost every other app out there?  They do that for iOS last I heard.

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