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ENScript.exe gives "Can't create mutex: error: Access is denied" Error

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Is EnScript.exe still supported in Windows 10?

I was trying to run a test command to create a new note in command prompt. Here's my command:

ENScript.exe createNote /n "Test" /i "TestNote"

Here's the error that I get:

Can't create mutex: "Global\ENScript$$C:$Users$<user>$Evernote$Databases$<user>.exb$$Mutex", error: Access is denied.

I tried using an elevated command prompt and the execution hangs. Typing something and CTRL+Z doesn't work. Only CTRL+C works.

Am I doing something wrongly? Whats the best way to automate few small tasks like repeated notebook and note creation in Evernote?


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Hi. Is Evernote already open on your device? Looks like that error boils down to 'unable to access database file' which would apply if it was in use...

Easy way to create a new note if Evernote is open is Ctrl+N or clip

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No idea. This worked fine for me with Evernote up and with two user accounts open concurrently, and also with Evernote completely shut down. And I've never seen the error, though most of my use of ENScript is for purposes of generating ENEX backup files for storage elsewhere.

Is this error repeatable?

@gazumped This use is convenient if you want to write a quick text note into Evernote from the command line, without needing to switch contexts. You can also use it, as the OP says, to automate, as in storing program run logs into Evernote.

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1 hour ago, jefito said:

This worked fine for me with Evernote up

Couldn't remember whether I'd ever tried it that way. The mutex error (I thought) was suggesting that ENScript couldn't get access to the file - but I've never seen that error before,  so no idea really.  I tend to use either a desktop ENEX icon / Ctrl+N / clipping an email or a web page... or even just dropping something into an Import Folder to start off a new note...

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