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Problem trying to change email address associated with account

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I am trying to change the email address associated with my Evernote account – from one Gmail account to another. But when I try to do it through the settings, I get a message saying that the new email address is already in use. It definitely is not already in use, which I verified by trying to login with the new address and getting the message there is no account associated with it. So I'm stuck in a loop. Can anyone advise?

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Hello, thanks for the message. I have tried that and it still doesn't work. I've also just tried revoking access to Google within the Connected Services, but no luck. I'm still stuck with this problem:

  • I'm logged in with the original Gmail address
  • I try to change to the new Gmail address within the security summary, but I'm told it is already in use
  • I log out and try to log back in with the new Gmail address, looking for the option of "forgot password" (even though I don't remember creating a separate account with this email)
  • I get the message saying "there is no account for the username or email you entered" 

So I'm stuck in a loop.

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Point 2 in your list leads to the conclusion that EN has already registered the new address in one of the attempts to change it. Probably something went wrong, because this address now seems to be locked up.

I don’t know whether this can be resolved by you.

If you can still log into your account with the original address, maybe try a third one.

Or go Premium for one month, and contact support.

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