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Wrong orientation with photo uploads

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I have a lot of photos of study material I have taken that I want to upload within notes I have created in Evernote. However, most of these photos are uploading in the horizontal orientation (the wrong orientation, which would mean you would have to turn your head to read it). This happens even when the orientation is correct on my computer before I upload it to Evernote. Any suggestions? 

I tried right clicking on the photo in Evernote to rotate it, but there is no option available to do that.

Thank you!

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You should be able to bring it up in an image editor, depending on which Evernote client you are using (WIndows, Mac, Android, iOS, web). Specify that, and someone whould be able to help you better.

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Maybe....  correlate your  camera orientation when you take the picture to what you see in EN to see what works best, or from wherever the pic came from.  Then do your editing where you like.

I find that if I take the pic on my iPhone from within EN it shows up with the proper orientation no matter if I took the picture portrait or landscape.  Though it is the same height and width.  FWIW.

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1 hour ago, Kels123 said:

To clarify: I'm working on a Mac and iPhone 7. The photos were pre-existing, so I'm hoping to add them now that I have Evernote.



Okay.  In that case not sure what can be done other than adjust when the photo is added to the note.

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OK, on Windows, I can right-click on an image, and get options to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise on the context menu. On Android, I long-press on the image, I get a menu that has "Annotate.." on it, select that, and I can rotate there as well. Perhaps there's something similar in the Mac/iOS world.

OK, a web search on "evernote rotate images mac ios" turned up: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005057-How-to-rotate-and-resize-images-inside-a-note

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The best way to avoid rework is probably to set them right before uploading.

On iOS there are even shortcuts to resize pictures and upload to EN in one go (which means they are made smaller before creating a new note and put them there).

An easy way to restrict pictures in a note is to create a table, and put the images into the tables cell. This will resize them to this size when viewing, but will keep the original size and resolution for later.

On my Mac resizing outside of a table is done by the blue handle. To rotate I found this, by simply right clicking on a picture in an open note (blue is rotate clockwise, below it is count clock). After doing so, I would always click the little sync wheel before continuing. This will make sure the changes are really saved to the data base :


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Nope, i have the exact same problem as well. i take the picture properly on my Samsung Note 10+ stock camera app, but when i upload it into evernote, the orientation  goes haywire. and when i open the file up on my laptop, it either corrects itself, remains the same.

When i take a photo using the evernote take-a-photo button, the photos frequently goes missing which is worse.

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