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Moving EN to new computer

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I have been having some problems with my computer which necessitates me doing a fresh install of my OS (10.15.4). I currently have EN 7.14. How do I move all my notes (~11K) to what is essentially a new computer? Thanks.

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56 minutes ago, Daderdog said:

How do I move all my notes (~11K) to what is essentially a new computer?

Assuming no Local Notebooks, just install Evernote and login
Evernote will download your notes from the server

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7 minutes ago, Daderdog said:

I thought that would work, but as I understand it, the "master" database is on my Mac. I am concerned that when I wipe the hard drive, that would be seen as erasing all those notes. Not true?

The "master" database is stored on the web server

Wiping the hard drive will not be seen as erasing notes

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There will no harm been done if you install on 2 Macs at the same time.

You can install on your new Mac first, get things up and running, and check whether the installation went through (it usually does). You can use both Macs in parallel, or you can stop using the old one once the new one is operational. Just make sure you have synced everything to the EN Server a last time before deleting the old machine. All data will download from the servers to the new Mac, and that is it.

At the moment I am using EN (with an own database) on a Win10-PC, on my MacBook Pro and (Server based) on several mobile devices. This is no problem because as DTLow has pointed out, the master copy is the one on the server.

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