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How to get note's creator username/userid in a shared notebook?

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After fetching the note from a shared notebook via getNote on shared note store using a shared auth token, I m not able to figure out the author/creator of the note. The integration service I am currently developing needs to know the creator of the note. On fetching several notes, i found the author and creatorId field in the NoteAttributes of the Note Thrift object to be empty (None). Is there a reliable way to successfully find out who the creator of the note is in a shared notebook is. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Screenshot from 2020-03-27 14-20-31.png

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Hi.  Sorry but we're mainly users here - plus a few independent but mostly zero Evernote developers.  I doubt we can help with anything other than guesses. 

Try https://dev.evernote.com/ if you haven't already...

Evernote uses StackOverflow for developer support now;  post developer questions there and tag them with "Evernote".

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