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Automatic save only works half the time

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I use Evernote for work every day on my Samsung galaxy s8 android phone. I really like it and rely on it for many important tasks. 

 It used to  save changes to notes perfectly every time, no matter how you exit the app. That was up until about a year or more ago. Now if you close a note or tap out of it it only saves the new info around half the time.  It's so frustrating. 

It's a real shame as it's a great app otherwise. 

Maybe something small on the phone settings perhaps? 

Any help would be much appreciated

 I don't think this is a syncing problem. It doesn't save to the device. I only use Evernote on my phone. 

Thanks in advance

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When I switch to another app while I'm editing a note in the Evernote Android app, I do usually get a message saying "Saving note in [notebook note]." There's also a manual "Save note" option in the 3-dots menu at top right when editing. Either of these should save a temporary copy to local storage on the phone. I'm not clear on what you mean by "close a note"--if you're tapping the check mark at top left, that should sync it with the Evernote servers. Actually exiting (closing) the app without doing that is a recipe for losing data. It might save locally, or it might not. The Evernote app is meant to sync with the Evernote servers, not to save locally on a long-term basis (unless you designate a notebook as "available offline").

If something has changed in how the app works (updates in the last year have been exceedingly minor, in fact generally hard to tell what has been changed), your best bet might be to do a sync (from the notes or notebooks list, tap the 3-dots menu and choose sync), close Evernote, uninstall it, restart the phone, and reinstall Evernote. You'll have to give it a few minutes to download the index and other data that it does save to the phone, and re-establish any settings that you customized.

I hope that's some help.

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