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Web Clipper Completely Nukes Safari (and my system)

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I'm running High Sierra on a Late-2011 MacBook Pro freshly updated and trying to get Web Clipper to play nicely with Safari (Version 13.1 (13609. but it's not going very well.  I've narrowed the speed issues that I had with Safari down the web clipper and I can reliably activate and deactivate the extension and see a marked difference.  Web Clipper is the only extension I run, using the latest version from the App Store.  With the extension I experience:

- Severe lag opening pages (into double digit minutes sometimes), some pages never open at all, but the "refresh" button is visible in the address bar

- Switching to full screen breaks fullscreen, the address bar in Safari will completely be replaced by a white bar, the only work around for this is to tear off the tab and then close the table, or force quit Safari

- Videos (for example on the BBC) take two or three minutes to load, Safari locks up with a spinning beachball, and I'm unable to switch tabs

- Force quitting Safari and opening it again routinely puts Safari on the Dock, but the app never loads and sudo killall Safari reports no such processes.  

issues can spread to the system at large causing the mouse pointer and Finder to freeze up and beachball significantly, fans roar with only Safari running with the extension activated.  Safari is my browser of choice on my MacBook, mostly because no other browser gives me anything close the battery life that I get when using it, unfortunately, the only extension that I use on it pretty much locks the browser up after 10/15 minutes use.  I've already tried: 

- clearing cache, and retarting

- deleting Evernote folders in the Caches folder

- Running Onyx (improved system performance, didn't do much for the extension)

I'm out of ideas at this point, short of getting an SSD installed, in which case I may as well pull the trigger on a new MacBook.  Any suggestions for anyone who is wiser about these matters than I?  I'm a teacher and pretty much rely on the web clipper and my Mac.   

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Another update, so rebuilding the Spotlight index worked for a couple of days, and I ended up running EtreCheck and found a load of partially uninstalled apps in the launchd folder that hadn't been removed when I uninstalled them.  I deleted those .plist files from the launchd folders, removing old CleanMyMac and Malwarebytes plists and the Mac simply zips along like nothing else now.  Safari is back to it's old self and I'm not stuck watching spinning beachballs all over the place anymore.  

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