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Transition to iPad?



I love Evernote, and use it every day. My primary use case is: simplified clip of stories I want to save, and then read the stories in Evernote, annotating and highlighting them. 

I'd like to switch from a Mac laptop to iPad, but Evernote may be the gating factor. 

Simplified clipping + laptop-style editing would make Evernote perfect for my use case. 



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I am about to do just that, my MacBook Pro having just died.  I'm waiting for delivery of a new iPadPro (with Apple pencil).  I'm also a long-time fan of Evernote and am hoping to be able to do everything and more with my new iPad that I used to do with my laptop.  Watch this space...

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Sorry, you are in for a surprise.

Some things work nicely on the iPad, but others don’t. Among those that don’t:

- no tag hierarchy 

- no chance to work on several notes at once (joining, tagging or moving a group of notes in one go, no table of content)

- the web clipping function is pretty basic

- the pencil support is less advanced than expected

Because of the last issue I take handwritten notes with GoodNotes 5, and export them into EN when they can be archived.

For heavy lifting (organizing notes etc.) I use my MacBook Pro.

This is my experience, based on my workflow. I would appreciate if you share your experience with your new setup.

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On 3/26/2020 at 9:53 AM, wallman said:

Simplified clipping + laptop-style editing would make Evernote perfect for my use case. 

Please change your forum post title to better reflect the nature of your request. "Transition to iPad?" doesn't really mean much to someone scanning titles. Thank you.

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