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This is a very basic basic operation. I am using Evernote on an iPhone and I’m trying to go through my to-do list to delete completed items. Every time I double tap and select text, the text becomes highlighted and the screen jumps. It happens consistently, every time. It is not a stable experience. In fact, it is predictably unstable, happening every time I try to select a Word. It takes what should be a 10 second operation and makes it five minutes or more. It has now taken enough time for me to find this forum, sign in, and write this issue down here. It’s ridiculous. The basics of notekeeping, including just typing and editing a text note, have become a big hassle with evernote. I would love to be put in a position to be able to fix this thing, but nobody’s gonna listen to me.

anyway, if anybody’s listening, please trust me that at the very least, doing a text note on an iPhone should be completely stutter- free. I am not editing images, I am not doing anything interesting. It is just a simple checklist text note. Evernote must start over from the beginning and get that one basic thing right. There should NEVER be screen jumping and having to scroll back to your position each time you select a word! 


anyway, I’m gonna go back to my to-do list now. 

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