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Most notes disappeared from Evernote Mac Desktop

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I have over 8,000 notes from many years of use. Yesterday they all disappeared from the desktop version.  Still on the web version.  Checked preferences and nothing obvious needs adjusting.

New notes are syncing to desktop but nothing before yesterday.

Submitted ticket but no word and no chat.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi.  If all your notes are present on the server you will be able to restore the installation on your desktop if necessary. It seems like the local database is corrupt. As far as I'm aware there have been no recent updates or changes which might have caused this problem - did you upgrade or change anything on your system?

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7 hours ago, mg09383 said:

New notes are syncing to desktop but nothing before yesterday.

To trigger a full sync on your device; Hold the Shift and Option keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel

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I have lost notes on the Mac.

Thakfully, they are available on the Web browser.

On the Mac, Evernote shows the names of the Notebooks and shows how many notes each Book contains. However, clicking onto any of the Books reveals and empty book with the message "No Notes Found". I have removed and reinstalled Evernote several times, but the problem remains.


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You can force a sync from the EN server by holding down the shift and option keys, and then click on the sync wheel symbol.

Maybe this helps to solve your problem.

Another possibility is to hold down the option key before clicking on the help menu. There is an additional menu point added at the end of the help menu items, behind which in a submenu are options to check and repair the local database.

Uninstalling only does the job when you use an app like AppCleaner, and check all items in the list (scroll down, pick all !) for removal. If the uninstall is done the usual way on the Mac, the data folder will remain. The new installation will link up with the existing folder, which means that any problems hidden there will not be solved. The above actions should do the job - if not, try a complete un- and reinstall using AppCleaner.

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Hey, I've encounter similar problem too, when I'm uploading an Pdf attachment, the Notebook suddenly disappear, bad news is I couldn't locate it both Mac Desktop & Web version. 

Evernote Mac Desktop Version
Version 7.14 (458265 App Store)
Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e)

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