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BUG REPORT: Clipper for Opera no longer clips entire articles

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I've been a premium Evernote user for years and years. I've used it on Chrome, Firefox, and for the past five or so year, Opera.

Just in the past couple of weeks, Evernote Clipper is refusing to clip entire articles or pages. It just arbitrarily ends the clipping area, with lots more below it. I'm attaching two screenshots of a long, link-laden, plugin manual page that I'm trying to clip for safekeeping.

  • The first screenshot shows a full page clip, but you can see that the Evernote bounding box stops only a short way down the page.
  • The second screenshot shows an article clip. I clicked + a number of times to expand the area, but this was as far as it would expand, stopping in the exact same spot.

The Evernote Clipper is working flawlessly on Firefox and Chrome. What's up with this, Evernote? Why is your clipper not playing nice with Opera anymore?






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