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Add typewriter note to clips, note ETC.

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Dear Board 

What ever happen to add note (not handwriting note ) to picture or not that you clipped? Used to be able to add word perfect note type to your notes that you clipped, copied ETC. 

I shared notes via emails, Where and how do I look for those sent emails?   Is there such thing as sent folder in evernote. 

Thank You for taking time to answer these simple question. 





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41 minutes ago, imjustagirl said:

Used to be able to add word perfect note type to your notes that you clipped, copied ETC. 


Use Add remark box

Screenshot is from my Mac



>>Is there such thing as sent folder in evernote. 

No "sent folder"   
If this needs to be tracked, use a tag


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Would that shows on the pictures, clips notes? I just want to purge / spring cleaning my place. That way I can just list price, link to product details ETC. Wish Evernote is more flexible and have these arsenals of tools for different occasions.  

So I sent email to share clips and no way to track beside sent email to oneself ? 

How do you insert  clips like you did on this page? I have to save clip as then attached afterward, have got to be easier way than that right? 


Thanks anyway but very disappointed. 

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If you want to comment on a picture, you can add the comment on the picture itself, or simply type the text below it. Every note is basically a HTML text body that can include other documents. So you can type there in any case. How and which tools are available to type on the picture itself depends on the OS or client you are using.

The send-an-email-to-your-account feature is meant to quickly grab an important E-Mail and create a note from it for further use. It is not meant to create a nice note with bells and whistles, it is a workflow tool. As such it is working fine.

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On 3/22/2020 at 6:02 PM, imjustagirl said:

How do you insert  clips like you did on this page?

When composing a post, there's section at the bottom for clips2030769079_ScreenShot2020-03-23at9_32_53PM.png.286a65586b4e38d092d45f35979634e6.png
I'm working on a Mac, and the files are simply screenshots

Before posting, I annotate the images with arrows, ovals, squares, typing, ...
To do this, I use the Mac app Preview

Evernote also has an annotation feature for images
This menu is generated by right-clicking on the image

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... or use the EN app Skitch. Annotated new pictures will be saved as notes in an own notebook created automatically by Skitch, from where they can be moved to their destination. Skitch can also be used to annotate pictures in existing notes.

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