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Unknown device keeps syncing on evernote

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Hello people. As you can see from the title, I have a problem. This may or may not happen to a few people but I needed to see if there was a solution to this.

So basically, I would randomly get an iPhone sync to my evernote account. I do not use an iPhone! I already have my android and my laptop synced to it and with the device limit, I'd get a notification to upgrade or unsync.

I'm only content with using just those 2 devices for evernote, so I'd unsync the iPhone instead of upgrade. I have also changed my passwords and anything else security related (because that device obviously isn't mine) but it would keep happening. It wasn't too frequent so I'd just unsync it every time it happened.

But now I'm not able to unsync the device to use my notes. All because I already unsynced it twice in a month. I'm not sure if this is on purpose or if someone is actually hacking my evernote but I'm out of ideas on how to handle this on my own.

I don't feel safe leaving my evernote untouched for a month just so I can unsync and open my notes again. If anyone has a solution to the iPhone syncing situation that would be great otherwise I'm just gonna migrate my notes to a different application and delete this one. It would be a bummer to remove the app though.

Thanks and sorry this is long! I wanted to be thorough.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is a recurring problem for some users, caused by bad actors stealing your password from a non-Evernote site. See this post in another forum for good advice:


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Great advise from Dave. First thing I would do is change your password and tell Evernote to Unsync  all devices.  This way you can resync only your devices with your new password. 

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On 3/21/2020 at 7:10 AM, OllieLollipop said:

But now I'm not able to unsync the device to use my notes. All because I already unsynced it twice in a month.

You can contact Evernote support at Twitter @evernotehelps  
They might help you with temporary access

You can upgrade to a Premium account for a single month

Use the web platform to change your Evernote password and don't use the same password for other services

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