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Manish Patel

Disappearing notes - annoying bug on iOS

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Hi all

Evernote is great, but there's an annoying bug (I think) - I wonder if anyone else has seen it and whether I should submit a bug report (where?)

Basically on my iPad Pro I'll have Evernote open on an open note (hand written). I may keep it like this for several minutes without touching it, and the screen shuts off. 75% of the time the entire handwritten notes that I have made (since I last hit the "Done" button) disappears. No concept of drafts or backup to look into.

Is this just a way to force me to go into a paid plan?? :-)

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No, this is a reaction of iOS. When it shuts down an app, it often cleans out memory as well. And then the note is lost.

Since EN has no autosave option, the only known way to save the note is to close it before the iPad goes idle.

You can set the idle time up in the iPad settings to avoid having it happen often. 

Not very practical, but it is the status today on this.

Personally I use GoodNotes 5 for my handwritten notes. Have not lost a note there. It can export as a pdf into EN, complete with handwriting OCR.

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6 hours ago, Manish Patel said:

I'll have Evernote open on an open note (hand written).

You're using the sketch component, and as you noticed - there's no auto-save   
coupled with IOS's propensity to shut down apps

afaik   The only work-around is to save often; it's not resolved in paid plans 

As per @PinkElephant, I use an external editor (Notability) for my handwriting    

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