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Device reappearing after unsynced



Periodically (every few weeks or so) I get notification saying I must unsync a device as I have too many. I use Evernote only on my laptop, and phone (Google Pixel3). When I look, an iPhone is synced to my account. I have not had an iPhone in a long time, so I am unsure why this is happening. This is particularly difficult as when this happens, I lose access from my laptop, and most recently have received a message saying I have unsynced too many times this month. The iPhone I had belongs to my partner now, but has no Evernote on it, neither is it associated to my apple ID for apps. 

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Are you sure about the iPhone being THIS iPhone ?

There are reports in the forum that hackers got access to EN accounts by using login data acquired in security breaks at other services. If you reused or just slightly modified passwords between different logins, it may be somebody tried to enter your account. The hackers seem to use the profile of an iPhone to mask their login. In reality they use other machines.

If this could be the case, use the web client to do this:

  1. Go to settings, change your password (unique, strong, nothing reused etc.). This will lock out any intruder.
  2. Now unsync the device you do not know. If you are not sure, unsync all you do not know.
  3. If you think it was a hacker, think about all other accounts, and make sure they are safe as well. Use a Password manager, start by safeguarding your e-mail accounts, then work down the other accounts.
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