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Web Clipper not working in Safari or Chrome

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On my Mac I am running Safari and Firefox, no Chrome.

WebClipper works fine with both of them.

If you are using Catalina, security & privacy got bumped up. So take your time to check the settings options (inside of Safari) to really give the extension all options needed to work.

On installing: WebClipper is installed as an extension, from the extensions App Store in Safari. There is no way to install it from a web site, and I am not sure about the general App Store on the Mac.

If Problems remain, uninstall, then restart the Mac before installing again. There are special restart option you can find on the Apple support pages that will do an additional clean out of memory areas. They work by holding down a key combination on the keyboard during restart. I am not sure in relation to WebClipper, but you could give those a try as well.

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13 hours ago, Barb2016 said:

Web Clipper barely works in Chrome for Mac and not at all in Safari, as other users have noted.  Can't even update it in the App Store.



What version of macOS are you running? The latest, Catalina, requires you download and install the web clipper from the Mac App Store. It looks like this:


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