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Import pdf into penultimate



I love the page options in penultimate but I wish to import PDFs for addition page formatting. I’m a teaching and I’d love one place to lesson plan and store ideas as well as my calendar and other page options.  Then have them sync to evernote.  I don’t use evernote as much as I’d like because it almost gets me there in enough situations that I am not consistent.  Penultimate is potentially amazing but it lacks a few things it’s competitors have. This is one of them. 

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Penultimate from its history is an independent app, and was bought by EN. There is no backward integration. The path of documents is from Penultimate into EN, never vice versa.

You can use the annotating tool in EN to put your ideas into pdf. If you want handwritten annotations, I can recommend GoodNotes 5. It has a good import tool for pdf, and offers great pencil support for handwritten annotations. Handwriting in GN5 is automatically OCRed, the OCR result pasted into the pdf for search. The result can again be converted into a pdf, and exported into EN for storage and retrieval.

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If you need full pdf import, I would propose to use GoodNotes 5 on an iPad (Pro) instead.

There you can import pdf and mix it with other pages, especially handwritten ones. In addition you can use any 1-page Pdf and convert it into a GoodNotes template. This is the pdf will be in the „new page“ selection, can be picked from there and used as a scheme for handwritten notes.

Penultimate is far off most other handwriting note taking tools - I do not use it at all because it simply „does not spark joy“.

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I am so sorry to find this answer to my same question. 

Penultimate as part of my (paid) Evernote app had so much potential, but needed a bit of TLC. An ongoing series of new features, small ones, could have made this far more useful. Given that I can happily drop a PDF into Evernote, it should be a no-brainer to add the ability to have that load back to Penultimate. 

I am about to load a 34 page PDF, and it will take a most cumbersome process. Screenshotting the pages, transferring to iPad via Dropbox. Then loading a page at a time to Penultimate. Importing a full PDF would be a great feature. Absent that, I'm considering moving on. 

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