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pdf not display in pdf viewer when added from mobile (iOS) app

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When I add a pdf to Evernote, using the mobile (iOS) app share/add to Evernote, the pdf does not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer.  It is shown as an attachment.

It display well in pdf viewer/thumbnails in iOS Evernote and Android Evernote though.

How can I get it displayed in pdf viewer in Windows Evernote?

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Thanks.  It is unchecked.

In fact, most, if not all, of my pdf are displayed in Windows Evernote pdf viewer.  Only those added directly by Mobile app.

I have some new observations.  If I do the Share/Add from the mobile app to Evernote, the pdf will not display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer.  If I do a save as pdf from the mobile app, then use Evernote to add the pdf.  It will display in Windows Evernote pdf viewer.

For now, I just have to do the additional step of saving as pdf onto  my iPhone storage first, before manually use Evernote to add the saved pdf. 

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It is the same in the EN Mac client. PDFs saved directly by "share to" in an iOS client will show as attachment, other pdfs (including those from my ScannerPro app on the iPhone) show in full document view. When clicked on the button in the header, the pdf will open.

Previews are generated for both, which is more important to me than whether the pdf opens together with the note.

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