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Web Clipper Not Loading on Certain Pages

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For example, I attempted to clip a specific product page from Amazon, but when I clicked on the Web Clipper, the "Loading Web Clipper" popup appears for a second before disappearing and nothing happens afterwards. The same result occurred on other Amazon pages. However, on others still, there were no issues loading the Web Clipper. And on other domains, I have not had such issues. At least, not yet.

Any ideas? Already tried cookies, reloading Web Clipper extension, updating Chrome to the latest version, etc. I'm on Windows if that helps.

EDIT- On further testing, one of the affected Amazon pages did load the Web Clipper in Opera. However, it remains to be seen if the Web Clipper would load on all Opera Amazon pages, although this seems to be more likely than not.

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I'm having this same behavior on my MacBook using Firefox as the browser. Works fine on Windows with the same Firefox setup.

I haven't been using the web clipper on my Mac until a few days ago, so I don't when this glitch might have first appeared.

Btw, I'm logged into my EN account app in both instances prior to trying to use the clipper.

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In general WebClipper is a browser extension.

This means it’s function depends on whether the browser it is embedded into will allow it wo work. If it works in one browser and doesn’t in another, this is most likely caused by the browser (some are more privacy oriented than others) or by the extensions settings in that browser.

On a privately used computer In a home network one can usually relax the security settings a bit to allow extensions to work more freely.

If you use the computer in a less protected surrounding from time to time, one can install another browser with tight settings just for these occasions. If you do this, plus maybe use a VPN to protect your WiFi connection, you should be safe as well.

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