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Clipper only clips home screen

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I just upgraded to Evernote 7.14 and was in the process of making a clip when a message came up requesting permission to shoot the screen, or something like that. I wasn't thinking so I denied permission. Now whenever I use the clipper it will only deliver shots of my home screen, not the various screens I am working on. I can't find out how to Undo the Denial and would be grateful for tips and hints.

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On Catalina ?

If you don’t grant each and any permission EN asks for, you are probably in for more trouble.

For the main app: Go to the Macs settings, Security & Privacy, tab Privacy, go through each category and allow EN access wherever it occurs.

For WebClipper: Go to Safari settings, Privacy, and do the same.

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Thank you for your time on this. I went to Mac Preferences, then Security & Privacy but got a message as follows:

Preferences Error

Could not load Security & Privacy preferences pane


When I got into Firefox Preferences/Privacy I couldn't work out what needed doing - I looked at all the Permissions but that didn't seem to be what you described.

I'd be very grateful if you could spell it out again, for one who rarely delves beneath the surface of such things.

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