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Moving a Notebook to a Stack is not intuitive

Roger Worden


When I want to move a Notebook to a Stack, I can never remember how. There are several places (I found 7) where intuitively there should be ways to move a Notebook, but only 2 of them actually exist.

Left panel, the Notebook tree:

  • Can't drag a notebook
  • Right-click on a notebook does not have a Move option
  • Right-click on a Stack name does not have much

Middle panel, when a Notebook has been clicked in the left panel:

  • Can't drag the title of the Notebook
  • Three-dot menu has a Move choice but it's grayed out.

At this point I go look at the online help.

In the left panel, the Notebooks tree, one has to click on the Notebooks collection name. That brings up an alternate Notebooks tree in the right panel. One has to single-click the Notebook to move and then:

  • CAN drag the Notebook there
  • CAN click on the three-dot menu and there's an Add to Stack choice.


Clicking on the Notebooks collection name is the LAST thing I would intuitively think to do.


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1 hour ago, Roger Worden said:

When I want to move a Notebook to a Stack, I can never remember how.

I think it's more learned experience than intuition815899285_ScreenShot2020-03-05at2_18_00PM.png.ba4e2b763ae8d44bcbff49a1ac6b3477.png

For notebook functions, I use the notebook page
For tag functions, I use the tags page

To view the notebook page
Click on View > Notebooks
or click on the Notebook icon in the sidebar


>>Left panel, the Notebook tree
Rarely use it
As you can see, I roll with a minimized sidebar

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