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(Archived) Bug ? Tag rename doesn't reflect on saved search




if a saved search is based on a tag, and that you rename this tag in the taglist, the tag name is not changed in the saved search ==> the saved search becomes useless and need to be manually update.

Doesn't happen too often but I suppose that still could be fixed ?

Thanks anyway for the grat app,

A picky free user ;-)

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I have the same problem but it seems that it is not limited to saved searches. I noticed this error with regular tag searches.

I deleted the "to read" tag from some notes and searched for that tag in all notebooks. The search still includes the old, untagged notes, as you can see in the image below (the selected entry has no tags but comes up in the search results):


I'm using version 2.0 (which Evernote reports as being the latest). Is there a version 4!!! or was that a mistake?

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I went through great conflustercation last night after having changed the name of one of my tags, which was compounded by then leaving and trying to access the saved searches on the web and trying to correct the unchanged tag name from there.

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Hi Jorge,

indeed we're now version 4.1.0, you should update ;-)

Evernote team, like lots of us I'm using Evernote for GTD, relying on Saved search a lot. GTD is never static, it is a dynamic process and hence ... I keep updating my tag names regularly to improve it. And hence the saved searches are getting useless, I need to re-build them etc etc. If you could base the Searches on the tags ID rather their names that would be great.


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Version 4, 4.1, etc. refer to the Windows version. This is the Mac forum, and the latest major version number is 2 for this platform. Not sure if there are point releases, or where the prerelease stream is at for the Mac. I am not aware of any workarounds for this on either platform. I do believe it is a bug, though.


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