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PDF pages change color after rearranging on Apple Preview

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Apple Preview is perfect tool for pdf manipulation: adding, removing and rearranging pages. I've been using Preview this way for about 10 years without fail. Recently I've noticed that pdf-s from Scannable app change colour (turn into red, yellow, purple, etc) if pages in it are rearranged for example (or merged into another pdf). I can not replicate this issue with pdf-s from other sources.

Attached is a screenshot of a three-page scannable scan, where two pages (green and purple) are rearranged, one (white) is in its original location. All three should be white.

What can be the reason behind this?

Screenshot 2020-03-03 at 12.46.05.png

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Maybe better use a decent scanner app - Scannable is for me not even in the top 10.

About the coloring - looks weird, is it persistent when the pdf is closed ? What if you save the pdf from Preview instead of closing it ? 

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I’m having the same issue.It doesn’t happen every time, but some files turn pink or purple. If I am combining PDFs with Apple Preview, everything I’ve scanned in scannable turns pink or purple. So frustrating. Any ideas what’s causing this or how to fix it?

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