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Web Clipper for Ipad/Iphone

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Background:  I use web-clipper in Chrome on my computer, and love the built in feature where it will take you to the gmail email with the built in hyper link. Like many power users I use an iphone and an ipad when on the road and the functionality of the web clipper in ios, just is not the same.  I do have the evernote icon on the gmail app (Iphone only, we can we get that on ipad), although its just not as robust as what is on the computer


I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something, with iOS that has the same functionality of the web-clipper.  Now that its their, i will either copy the email hyperlink and paste it with the ios web clipper of the email or I end up waiting till im back at my desk and just not that productive. 

Has anyone found a better way of getting the link style of web-clipper in chorme when going mobile? 

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There are two possibilities I know of, both on iOS + Safari:

Use the "Print to pdf" feature build into iOS to create a pdf file, share this file into EN. This works best when the web site offers "reader mode" for a lean display.

Us the "Share to EN" workflow that will install itself into the app share menu if loaded. This will clip a page "as is", though not offering the same options as the "real" WebClipper does.


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