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Since this is just a beta (I'm running what seems to be v5.29.0 on Edge(Chromium) I'm going to report it here. A minor issue, since I have almost moved to the Web Client for editing purposes.

I see a difference in display of the header boxes Evernote generates during merging.  I created two notes in the Windows client and merged them. Looks OK on Windows, but the generated header boxes look really different on the Web.

Evernote often did some "special" processing of some "Evernote-internally-generated/used" items, so this may be the reason.

This is what it looks like on in the Windows Desktop client (up to date for the day, and it always looked like this; it's not a Windows issue)


And this is today's Web client v5.29.0. I introduced the note title, which may be confusing. (That's actually another small issue with the web client, that the title practically looks like the text itself. On Windows, the title is well separated, not in the web client.)




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One little addition: Usually this is only a display issue in the web client; it remains looking OK in the desktop client.

However, once I edit in the web client, the boxes do become as they look in the web client; ie, the span and background color will be gone.

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