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[Window] How to delete link on top of note page when the link is too long

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I know Evernote automatically adds a link to the document on the top of the note page next to the tags when I copy and paste from that document. I have read that this function cannot disabled, but I can remove the link manually by clicking the dropdown button next to the link. But what if the link is too long, and that the drop down button is not showing? How do I remove the link? 


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Looks like Windows, in which case, click on the Note info button above the link, ion the right-hand side of the screen:image.png.a5c4d50f1de20fc21f8c491be467bc87.png , or press Ctrl+Shift+I, and in the resulting menu, for the "URL:" entry, click on the small triangle to the right image.png.2d2f5dd18dd85ecb1a5dba4107cbf829.png, and select "Clear" in the drop-down menu..

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