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Using Evernote in the Real Estate world

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I am looking for people that use evernote in the Real Estate World. I need a great learning guide book for evernote and looking for an podcast on how to better use evernote.  Thanks

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Hi,  and welcome to the forums.  I doubt you'll find how-to's or podcasts specifically on Evernote and Real Estate,  but Steve Dotto on Youtube has been the most prolific provider of general Evernote information over the years,  and he should be a good place to start.

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Steve has great videos, I love the way he does them. You can learn a lot from those and it is always good to get the experience where ever you can. I joined a group of investors that deals with a lot of investment properties and it is really good learning experience for myself. We worked with clients that were buying, selling and renting property... They like my progress and they even offered me to work with them. I am blessed to have an opportunity like that and I will do everything I can to be good at it. I will never forget Steve's videos though.

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The great thing about Evernote, is that you can set it up to serve the way you work best.  Just think of it as your digital filing cabinet, and then determine how it is most useful for you.  My wife is a Real Estate agent, and set up largely depends on your volume.  You could either set up a notebook for each "client" or use tags, but the main thing you will probably find useful is the ability to forward relevant emails about a deal you want to save, along with copies of the documents you need to maintain in your records.  

You could also create one "index" note for each active client or deal, and link to the supporting materials, with a running todo list of things that need to happen to get the deal finished.  After you use it for a while, you could set up a few templates so you don't have to recreate the checklists needed for each deal.

Just start using it and see how it goes.  Good luck

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