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Cannot open shared note

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My colleague is sharing notes with me. I get a notification, I can see it in the chat. As well as in the section shared notes. 

For the love of god I cannot open the shared note. It tells me I don't have the necessary clearance to do so or the note has been moved. 

Neither is the case. We both use the basic version of Evernote. Anybody having the same problem? or a solution to this? 


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Are you using the beta version of the Web client (i.e., in a browser like Chrome or Safari)? There is a known issue with shared notes in the beta. The solution is to drop back to the "Previous" version: click your initial in top left and select that option. This gives a different look and a different set of editing and formatting options, but it does work with shared notes. (I'm not sure whether the "Classic" version works with shared notes: in the Beta version, check by clicking the black Beta Editor button at bottom right and switch to Classic.) See this and other threads on shared notes in the Web beta:


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