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After upgrading  to Evernote Windows (308859) Public, when selecting multiple notes, the  NOTE PANEL goes blank. See the difference between a single selected note and multiple selected notes in the two attachments.

The previous versions had a very helpful list of options to move the selected notes, add tag to the selected notes, merge the notes, etc.

Did I accidentally change an option in the Tools drop-down?

Or is this a known bug?


Evernote single note selected.png

Evernote multiple notes selected.png

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Hi - Still working for me,  apparently...


Don't know of any magic commands to switch the menu off...   restart?

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I contacted Evernote Support. They nailed the issue and offered the solution. Thank you.

1.) On your Evernote page for Windows, select "Tools"

2.) Once you're on "Tools", select "Options"

3.) Under "Options", select "Navigation"

4.) Confirm that the "Show multi select view when more than one note is selected" toggle button is enabled/ticked

5.) Click "OK" to apply the changes

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Wow - I didn't even know that option existed!!  (Or maybe I did,  but I forgot.  It's an age thing...)  Anyway: glad you found the fix!

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