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Safari 13.0.5 - EN Web Clipper stuck on "Syncing"

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Posting here as a last resort after searching here on the forum and around the web. EN Web Clipper is working great on my other browsers but not in Safari. The clipper will load and allow me to select my notebook and tags, but when I click "Save Clip" it will get stuck on "Syncing" and never actually save the clip. Have deleted and reinstalled the Web Clipper extension several times with no change.

I'm on Mac OS 10.13.6 and Safari 13.0.5.

Weirdly, the EN Web Clipper app in my Applications folder comes up as version 1.0.5 in the "Get Info" dialog. However, looking at the Extensions pane in Safari Preferences, the EN Web Clipper version is listed as 7.12.3.

In another oddity, it seems that the latest available version of the Web Clipper (according to the App Store at least) should be 7.12.4, not 7.12.3. When I click the "Update" button in App Store, though, the App Store app just gives me the spinning "on hold" icon and never actually updates the component.

I have manually deleted and reinstalled the Web Clipper component several times with the same result - the app always shows up as 7.12.3 in Safari and as 1.0.5 in the "Get Info" window, and I cannot update the component via the App Store (I get the spinning "on hold" icon every time).

Anyone seen this? Any advice or tips?


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Slightly ahead with 10.15.3. Working good now, since the initial problems.

Maybe try support on this ?

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My Evernote clipper keeps trying to synch and synch and synch too. 

My settings are good on my Mac and it's also on in my extensions. 

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Update: it appears that the latest version of the EN Mac clipper has fixed my issue. Huzzah!


Much thanks to the dev team 👍

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