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How to make Evernote sync more frequently/constantly? i get frequent note conflicts

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I have evernote in my windows laptop as well as my android.

More often than not, when i edit my notes on both, i notice one of them didn't sync on time and then i end up with a conflict which is a headache to resolve. Particularly the windows app, i need to hit the "sync" button manually, if i forget to do it, then i will get a note conflict for sure.

Is there any way to make the windows app sync instantly and automatically?  In google docs for example, i never get this problem as things are synced instantly.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. You can always do a manual sync, and definitely should before closing out one device and going to the other. In the Windows program, Tools > Options > Synchronization gives you some control over the sync timing. In Android it's in Settings > Sync > Choose sync frequency. The lowest value is 15 minutes.

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