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Take a photo while audio recording



I am a college student but also a disabled vet and I use Evernote to record my lectures for reference later. There have been many times that I have wanted to take a photo of the board or screen while recording. Sadly, if you need to access any other function on your phone or within Evernote the audio automatically cancels. This is a huge problem from me and I don't understand why it should be this way. I could be using any voice recording ap but I wanted to be able to keep all of my school related work centralized in one place and accessible from both of my computers as well as my phone. I pay for Evernote for this reason and yet such a simple thing is inaccessible. 

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Reason is that mobile devices are not really multitasking. They just simulate it, some better, some worse.

My idea would be to use something like an iPad in split mode. One half of the screen for the audio, the other for the camera. Just tried, it only works in slide-over-mode. The camera must be open First, then slide the EN app from the Dock Over the camera window. The Audio keeps running while I use the camera. Only downside: Using the camera creates sound on the iPad, that is grabbed as well. And you can’t use the volume keys because they duplicate as release buttons for the camera shutter.

This is not specific for the EN app. I tried the same with Just-Press-Record as audio app - first the camera needs to be open, then the audio in slide over-mode. Nice with JPR is that is transcribes the audio automatically into computer text, which is a real time saver. But you hear the usage of the camera as well in the Audio Stream.

So probably the better solution would be to use one device for the audio, and a second one for the pics. Or at least use an external mic.

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I use an external audio recording app on my Android,  and best as I recall that recording continues even if I also use Evernote's camera to take a picture or the app to type notes.  I save the recorded file into my note when finished to complete the record (vague pun intended) of that session.

I also prefer to be 'present' and not distracted by taking notes or messing with tech,  so I use an audio app - Cogi - which records audio continuously until you hit 'record',  when it saves a file of the current audio including the 30 seconds before you hit record.  So when someone says something which you suddenly realise you need,  hit record and capture the whole thing from the start.  (See their website for a more coherent explanation...)  -So I can take pictures and record sound sequentially rather than at the same time.

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