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spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngHi, when I need to type a note in Arabic, it doesn't change the text direction to RTL, it stays LTR

This is what it looks like in Evernote (LTR):


This is how it's supposed to look like (RTL):

spacer.pngScreenshot_2020-02-25-19-02-01-229_com.google.android_apps_docs.editors_docs.thumb.jpg.15bbdd1c60a16b90fa7981a2fe281ad6.jpgIt's quite inconvenient, please add direction: RTL; to Evernote for RTL languages like Arabic and Persian.

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Hello, and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, this is a very long-running problem. I believe it came about when they made some changes to the underlying framework or code for the editor several years ago. If you search the forums, you will find a number of threads reporting and discussing the issue. I hope that sooner or later they will fix this, since they are certainly well aware of it; and they are currently working on the editors across all platforms.

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