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How-to organise to-do lists


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Hello Evernote Community 
I need some feedback. 
I have 1 weekly to-do list in my checklists notebook.
Here I list all my tasks for the current week.
I have my personal and work related tasks in the same to-do list.
But work tasks is grouped under the heading "Work" and personal goes under "Personal".  
Before I had my work related and personal tasks in seperate notebooks.
It confused me, as I had to look in two notebooks to see my to-do lists.  
And I don't seperate work and spare time, as it is volunteer work.
Btw the work I do is for a non-profit organisation. 
It makes sense for me, but I am not sure, if it is the right way to use evernote. 
What do you think?
Another question about organising weekly to-do lists.
I make a new to-do list every new week.
I just move the old list down and make the new one at the top of the note. This makes sense for me, as I can see the tasks from the previous week and easily copy unchecked tasks to a new week. 
I could make a weekly to-do list in seperate notes, but it would be a mess, as I have other lists in my checklist notebook. 
Do you have any comments/feedback to my system?
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7 hours ago, jimmythetulip said:

Do you have any comments/feedback to my system?

If it works for you then that's all that matters.  You don't mention any issues that you have with the current process.  Are there any?

FYI, my process is different, something I have morphed to across time.

  1. I use the reminder function and saved searches.
  2. I don't create task list notes
  3. I add a reminder to any note that has a task in it (or multiple tasks for that matter).  Most of my tasks are one per note though.  Sometimes it is the only line in the note sometimes it is at the top the note with more info below.
  4. When I complete a task I mark the reminder as done, or change the reminder date to the next task in the note if there is one.
  5. Saved searches create dynamic task lists
  6. Reminderdonetime provides information as to when the task was completed.
  7. A Home or Work tag can be added to the notes to generate Home or Work specific task lists if need be.

I find this to be less maintenance for me since I am not juggling lists all the times.  IAC, key thing here is to use what feels best to you.  Sample of saved searches below.  They are one click away since I keep the left panel closed and precede them with an !.  FWIW


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18 hours ago, jimmythetulip said:

Do you have any comments/feedback to my system?

I prefer a dynamic process; lists generated automatically
- identification of task priority
- identification of task duration
- identification and record of completed tasks
- identification and control of date specific tasks
- identification of project Next Action tasks (GTD concept)
- only show active tasks, but keep track of non-active accounts

>>I make a new to-do list every new week.

I don't make to-do lists - I use Evernote to generate filtered note lists
My Current Task list is generated by saved search  
                   reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*  
                   (all reminders, exclude future dated, exclude completed)

As you can see, I make use of the reminder feature
It allows dated/non-dated and stores start-date and completion-status/date

My process is

  1. A separate note for each task, tagged as !Type-Actionable
  2. Use the reminder feature
    - dated for date specific tasks
    - no date for Next Action tasks
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Best comment so far is Cal's first line...

4 hours ago, CalS said:

If it works for you then that's all that matters

We can all share versions of different - and more and less crazy - systems that work for us individually,  and you could try them all out.  And in a month or three you's probably back with the one that you feel most comfortable with.  No prizes for guessing which that would be. 

If it works - don't mess with it!  :D

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Everybody needs to tailor a system to his own needs and preferences.

To create my own method I found reading about the GTD-approach very helpful. They even have short papers on how to create a computer based system for GTD using EN or Things. I ended up with a combination of both, EN for content and Things for the follow up. Both use the EN data base, by external links created in EN and shared into Things, where the flow of tasks is controlled. One click on the link opens the EN note with all the little stuff and fuzz about the task.

Things is Mac- and iOS only ...

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