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Shared notebook and tags not being seen by another person

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I'm sharing my notebook with my wife. There are quite a lot of notes - all tagged. I can see all tags, but my wife does not see any tags. We both have Evernote Plus subscriptions, so I assume it should work on her account if it works on mine. Am I missing something or tags are not shared to another person?

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Hi.  Tags should be shared to others - don't know why yours aren't visible;  best I can suggest are tyre-kicking activities - sign out of and back into Evernote,  restart devices,  force a sync if that's available in your apps;  more than that - cancel the share and renew it,  change one of the notes (add another tag!) from both ends of the share and see if that trips the system.

If none of that works,  please come back and tell us  what version of Evernote you're using and on what devices.

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4 hours ago, Michal Bartos said:

Am I missing something or tags are not shared to another person? ...
The issue is that my wife can see tags in each note, but no tags are listed in Tags bookmark and she cannot search for tags. Any ideas?

Your tags are shared with the notes, but they are distinct from the tags owned by your wife
There could even be duplicate tag names

Your wife should be able to search using the search box; for example  tag:aaaaaa 

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