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Copy and Paste into Evernote Problems

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1. I copy from the body of an email.

2. When I paste into evernote, it looks good.

3. In a numbered list, if I wish to add to what I copied and pasted, I go to the end of the last line and hit enter.

4. The cursor moves to a new line.  I type the next number in the series, with a period after, and immediately the line indents.

I'm not a computer techie so I struggle to do some of the upload things tech support has asked of me.  

I started working on this problem 2 years ago, and  back then I gave them everything they asked. Still no fix.

Anyone have an idea how I might escalate this issue?

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Hi.  Your support request 2 years ago will have been closed,  and Evernote (and the Internet) has changed since then,  so I'd suggest you contact Support again to get led through their process.  Short term,  best I can suggest is a work-around. 

When you copy and paste from one window to another,  you're getting the words,  plus the invisible coding that explains to your computer how to display the italic and bold and listed items on your screen.

If you then add your own new text by editing that copied section,  you're confusing the system,  which is trying to show the original layout,  whilst also adding your new contribution - which might get forced into that layout,  or some variation on it as a result.

You would be protected against this confusion if you posted your content to a 'text only' editor to strip out all the "layout instruction" codes and edited it there,  before you copy and paste it (again) into a note.  (Sorry,  I'm not a Mac user so I can't suggest any text only apps to try...)

Alternatively,  when you come to paste your copied text into a note,  use the "Paste and Match Style" option which -should- strip out the codes.  If you get anomalous behaviour after that,  Evernote offers 'Simplify Formatting' and 'Remove Formatting' as further text options - use these sparingly,  because your overall layout may suffer!

See the Note Editor shortcuts here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358 - for more,  including:

⇧ ⌘ V Paste and Match Style
⇧ ⌘ F Simplify Formatting

Hope that helps...

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