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Creating new notes is very slow

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Can you tell more about your setup ? Type of Mac, MacOS, EN client, available RAM, free space on your drive etc. ? Any security software running on your Mac ?

And no, this is not typical - when I click on „new note“ in my Mac EN client, the new note will open in an instant. This is all local, because the desktop clients work mostly on their own EN database, only syncing with the EN server when needed. So if it takes longer, the reason should be somewhere local.

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Hi, thanks for the reply!  It's a 2-year old Macbook Pro with 16gb RAM

 Version: Evernote Mac 7.14 (458244)
   Editor: 69.3.10951
   Locale: en-GB-GB
       OS: 10.15.2
   WebKit: 608.4.9
  WebCore: 608.4.9
 Mac Model: MacBookPro14,3
 CPU Type: Intel
CPU Count: 8
CPU Speed: 2.900000 GHz
      RAM: 16.000000 GB

Is the best next step to get a few examples of the activity log when I click on "New note" and submit them in a bug report at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?



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Hello, thanks for posting. We are on pretty similar machines, MBP 15", MacOS 10.15.3, 32GB, i7-CPU 2,6GHz (yours is a i9, so even faster), EN 7.14.

Do you use the EN client from the EN web site, or did you install from the AppStore ? If it was installed from the web site, there should be the word "Direct" somewhere behind the 7.14, like in the screenshot from my Mac. If you installed from the AppStore, I would rather first sync everything to the EN server (take care if you have local notebooks, because they will not sync), then uninstall this version using AppCleaner to get rid of all parts of EN on the Mac, and then install the direct version from the EN web site, and resync all data from the EN server again.

Reason: The AppStore software and the one from the website are identical, but from the AppStore it is executed in a sandboxed mode, which can cause problems. I first installed from the AppStore, had many issues, so I did the cleaning up myself. No more problems since then. And anyhow a new install is probably the best way, so getting the software from the web site is only a small additional step.



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3 hours ago, dalelane said:

It takes over 10 seconds (from clicking on "New Note" to the new empty note being ready for typing into).

Is this normal? Is this just what Evernote is like, or does this suggest a problem with my install or notes?

I've experienced this delay on occasion, but it's not usual

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Thanks!  I did already have a Direct install, but I tried a clean and re-install anyway. It has helped - creating a new note is taking maybe 3-5 seconds now, so it's much quicker than before. Still not exactly snappy but better.

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