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Sync issue, sync endlessly but never does

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I was working on a note yesterday from my MacBook that I intended to access on my Android phone. The usual. But since that note, it so stopped syncing... Or just sync endlessly on my phone saying that the note has been updated but never stops trying to open the note itself.

I can't open that note and can't add new from my android device when I can create notes or open it on my Mac.

I cleared the cache. Didn't fix it.

Any fix for that?

At the top of the screenshot, you see what little blue bar saying that it is refreshing. It is stuck on that.





I deleted the note that seemed to be causing the issue (the one titled Email EN - Bottled) from the Mac side. Synced and it worked from the web browser but not on android.

The issue seems to be on the Android side.

I restarted my phone and it seems it is syncing not. I even recreated the note exactly as it was (saved it on the competitor Google Keep :p) and it worked as it should be. Not sure what was the issue there.


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No experience with Android, but the standard procedure with a mobile device would be this:Switch the phone off (completely), wait a minute and switch it back on. This will reorganize the phones internal memory. Sometimes this is enough to sort out problems with apps, because a lost piece of data that is blocking things is  eliminated from the memory.

Next step would be to uninstall and reinstall the app.

If both would network, I would probably try Support and send them a system dump.

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