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Custom Templates & Using Stylus


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I currently use the free version of Evernote on my Google Pixelbook. It is my understanding that I could create a template with headers I want. Under premium I also want to use my stylus within this template in order to take notes during class. In addition I would like to add page numbers & a dividing line down the middle of the page.

For the header my goal is to have a header in the top right with a few things like:

          Last Name________

          First Name________

Then use my stylus for the notes section....


If someone with experience doing this or ideally someone from Evernote Staff could let me know if this is possible I would happily upgrade. 

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Evernote notes do not support "with headers I want ... In addition I would like to add page numbers & a dividing line down the middle of the page"

However, alternative document formats can be stored in a note as an attachment
I suggest you look at an alternative editor

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.... taking notes with a stylus ....

Just my opinion: Taking handwritten notes with EN is technically possible, but it sucks. This part of EN did not keep up with the developments to improve stylus handwriting on tablet screen. I would use another tool for handwritten note taking, like GoodNotes 5 (which I use). Other tool that get good feedback are Notify, Noteshelf and MyScript Nebo.

The resulting notes can be imported into  EN. I use the very good OCR of GoodNotes. The results will be included into the pdfs, so the import already have a full search index that EN search will use to find the handwritten notes.

To go back to the template question: GoodNotes already comes with a number of templates for in-class-notetaking. If they do not fit, one can create an own template with any editing program, convert it into a one-paged pdf and important into GoodNotes as a template.

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