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Stacks in Spaces?

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I’ve run into that question a few times and as far as I know, there is no way to do it.  However, what has helped me is rethinking this scope of my Space.  A rule of thumb for me now is that if find myself needing a stack in the space, then I probably needed to break this out into multiple spaces to specify which project Im working on.  
hope that helps a little!

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Stacks are a personal feature - they can be used for one user (!) to group notebooks. The stack is defined in the notebook itself, there is a field in the notebook header that contains the stack. There is just one such field, which means a notebook can only rest in one stack. Technically spoken there is no entity "stack", the stack is a property of the notebook.

Spaces are a group feature - they are used to organize the access of a group of users to a set of notebooks. They are created by an admin, defining which group of notebooks will be accessible for a group of users. Each space is sort of a virtual room in which a business process it taking place. One user typically has access to several spaces (at least to two of them, one for his job and one general with company-wide content).

AFAIK it is not possible to create stacks within of spaces.

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3 hours ago, Dosborn126 said:

I probably needed to break this out into multiple spaces to specify which project Im working on.  

My experience with Space/Stack/Notebook hierarchy requests is that users are attempting to implement folder methodology 

Personally, I roll with minimal Space/Stack/Notebook structure   
Just what is needed to share notes (there's also offline and local notebooks)   
My project identification is specified using tags

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