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Page Break in notes - for printing on paper

Kim Nguyen


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I'm not sure if this is possible, given Evernotes base format; enml (basically html)
This is not a format for printing with page breaks

If I need a print formatted document, I switch to a word processing app (Apple Pages)
The document is stored as a note attachment

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This is a feature that has been demanded once and again since I subscribed a premium license in 2011. I still find it really useful because no matter how paperless you've become, you really need to have a hardcopy of a note or part of it many times. Please EN guys & girls... go and add some command to force a pagebreak when generating the pdf. I've been a computer engineer PhD for more than 30 yrs... don't tell me you can't find a get-around ;)

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Hi I am new to Evernote and finding it very useful except for printing.  I see that the post does mention requesting to be able to put a page break in notes, has that request been responded to?  It seems like such a simple fix that would help so many people!

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