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Created Date being overwritten by Beta Editor


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I was tidying up some notes yesterday and realised that something was wrong when they would not sort by created date correctly. Checking Note Info I discovered that Updated date had overwritten the Created date. See image below.

When checking Note History its completely different. See second image. 

Moreover: The edit made yesterday (19th February) was to change the naming convention of this note so that it would sort chronologically when Sort by Title is used. However that change is not recorded in the history as shown in the screenshot. There should be an additional change shown.

The note contains a JPEG taken on iphone XR using Evernote iOS App




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I have the same problem.

I am not referring to the sorting. I am referring to the fact that the web client beta, and for what I know, also the Windows Beta, sometimes change the create date to the update date for unknown reasons. I cannot reproduce it. But it happens, and I know because I always sort by create date. So suddenly, an old note I touched/edited turns up on top.

I think I reported it as beta feedback for Windows Beta 6.14. It happened to me with the web editor beta again today.

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Just here, the way it looks. While the history is correct, the "created date" is updated without reason; I was just happily editing away the text in the web interface with the beta editor when, at some point in the process, the "created date" must have been updated. But it's not always updated; later edit did not have an effect.

Here the screenshots:

From the note history ...



.... and from the note Info: 





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@lhb, I've just noticed the same thing myself. A note that is at least 3 years old now shows a created date of 7/18/2020, when I must have edited it in the Web beta. Worse yet, the note history now only goes back to 7/25/2020! This is really a pretty hideous bug, if it is important to know what was done to a note and when. I'm reporting this in the Web client feedback feature, which you can only access by temporarily switching to the (completely identical) "Classic Editor."

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On 8/4/2020 at 5:05 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

@Kolmir, I'm also on 6.16.1. The problem does not happen with every note, but seems (of course) pretty random. I didn't think I was experiencing it either--until I did. So take comfort: it may be coming your way too! :)

My version has been recently updated to v. 6.17 - looks like Evernote team finally fixed our problem. Links are working properly for now.

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I still have the problem. For whatever reason, my web client with editor beta is still on v5.33.0. It's happening "I-don't-know-when" for some notes.

It's annoying, as I rely on the web editor for some things while waiting for the dust to settle before migrating to Windows 10.x



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