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Severe slowdown when typing or scrolling in image-heavy notes

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I'm experiencing a slowdown on typing and scrolling speeds on notes that have a lot of images in them. I tried a few things:

First I thought that maybe the images were too big but the lag is barely better with dramatically smaller images.

Next I thought maybe there's too many images but I get the same problem with 4 images that I do with 20.

I'm using png images around 400k each and that note is completely unusable for me, even at my slow typing speed.


I'm using 7.14 on Catalina 10.15.2

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I noticed this as well. I'm using a MacBook pro 13" 2019 and I can't seem to find any solution.


Hooked to a 1080p external monitor. When the note window is displayed on the external monitor, typing/scrolling doesn't lag. However when I slide the window back to the laptop's retina display, the lag returns. For a this to occur to a brand new device, it drives me nuts.

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Just tried it. I can not confirm any difference in scrolling speed on a picture-heavy note (>50MB of size, more than 20 PNG-pics). It scrolls just fine on both screens. It scrolls fast when the note is showing inside of the EN main window, and it keeps fast scrolling when opened in an own window. I even tried to open the note on one screen and move it to the other - does not have an impact.

Setup: MacBook Pro 15", 10.15.3, i7, Radeon Pro VEGA 20 GPU, benq 4K/60Hz photography monitor connected through an i-tec Thunderbolt 3 - dock and HDMI-cable.

In general I would expect the external monitor to be slow, due to any signal processing bottelnecks. A low performance only on the Mac's own display is sort of weird.

Try support on this ?

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Thanks PinkElephant 😃

Should get an 15" or the newer 16" MBP with a snappy graphics card then (not sarcastic).

Interestingly, found a "workaround" by scaling down my resolution from 1680 x 1050 to "looks like" 1280 x 800 and noticed improvement.

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The choppy scrolling on the laptop screen is probably because the resolution is much higher than the external display (even though the external display is larger). So, Evernote/macOS has to work harder to get all the changing details ready for display.

Regarding your question about which laptop you should get because of this, I wouldn't choose your hardware hoping it will fix this. It shouldn't be choppy - this is an Evernote issue. I suspect if you looked at the same note in the Evernote web app, that it would scroll much smoother.

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I am getting the choppy slowdown regardless of whether I am using another monitor or the laptop screen itself.
I did put in a support ticket for this and apparently it's a known issue, but unfortunately not one they intend to fix in this version. This is the response I get:


I understand that your Mac is slowing down when scrolling through images on your notes.

This issue is still open with development. In full transparency, we haven't made this bug fix a priority yet because we've fixed this issue in our new editor. You can try our new editor now on Evernote Web.

We're also busy fixing the basics in our clients and sync architecture, which will eliminate many of the bugs that have been around for a while, including this one. You can learn more about what we're doing here. In no way I want to say your fix is not important, but at this time we had to prioritize fixes around more popular bugs that are heavily impacting most of our users. Please know also that we will be porting the new editor to the desktop clients later this year.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter.


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